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The combination of the paint film cut out over time and the shape of the support material creates an organic presence that goes back and forth between the two.
The organic presence that moves back and forth between the two forms the identity of the artist, the subject, and the viewer, and creates a transience on the border between the past and the future called "now.
And soon the transience is dispersed to the past and the future. Only "now" is reality, and everything else is a delusional world of past and future.
Continuing to search for the "now" may continue to be the material for my work.




I think the picture is a reality record.
However, I emphasize the material properties of the paint rather than a reality recorded image.
By doing so, I am interested in making concrete things abstract.
Trace of time of expressing and crystallizing emotions in the painting process.
I would like to express a work as a photograph that records the phenomenon from the photograph which recorded the reality.



・プリントサイズ / print size:A3(297×420mm)
・厚み / Depht:0.35mm
・紙質 / Paper quality:最高級厚口和紙

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¥ 10,000 tax included